Former nurse Christina HawthoRNe (Jada Pinkett-Smith) is once again torn between two loves. Tom still can’t forgive her for cheating on him with Nick, and he wants a divorce now! Nick keeps calling her because he wants her in his life, but every time she thinks about him she feels ashamed of what she’s done.

Christina needs to get away from everything that’s happened, so on her way to the airport she signs the papers and delivers them to Tom at the hospital. She tells him she hopes one day he can forgive her for what she did, and it seems he’s nowhere near ready to here that. (Can you blame him? They were only married for like a week.)

As Christina boards the plane she gets a call from Nick who tells her that his mom has passed. Christina loved his mother like her own so she rushes to be by his side. While she comforts him and helps him make funeral arrangements she’s busy sneaking off to call Kelly and ask her to grab the letter she left for Nick at the station. We don’t know what was in the later but we know Christina wants to tell Nick face to face now.

Someone breaks into Nick’s home and paints a threat on the wall, leaving him rattled and angry. A man wearing a ring just like the one Christina’s attacker wore shows up at the hospital and starts following Tom around. That same man later shows up to his mother’s funeral, announcing that his friend didn’t get any respect when he died. It looks like the drama over Christina’s attack still hasn’t come to an end.

Meanwhile they found the rich guy who stole Bobbi’s hospital money, Dr. Steve found out his ailing father has very little time left, and Tom can’t bring himself to sign the divorce papers. Kelly wants to belong at the hospital now that Christina’s gone but she’s treated like an outsider because of her friendship with Christina. Poor Kelly, she doesn’t deserve the be put in that position.

So should Christina try to make things work with Tom or start a new relationship with Nick? It looks like neither choice is the wrong choice for Christina right now. What would you do if you were her?

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