The third season of TNT’s hit drama “HawthoRNe,” starring Jada Pinkett-Smith, kicked-off last night with a premiere episode to be remembered. The day that Jada’s character, Chief Nurse Christina, was most looking forward to – her wedding day – was plagued with disaster and heartache.

As a pregnant Christina stood at the altar with Dr. Tom Wakefield (Michael Vartan), a noisy landscaper kept interrupting the ceremony. Just when they thought things were quiet, a car accident next door sent everyone flying out of their seats and out of the yard to see if they could help.

Fast-forward to that evening. After coming to work after their wedding (who does that?) to help out with the post-accident craziness, Tom and Christina plan to spend their first night together as husband and wife by soaking in a hot tub. But those plans are quickly derailed when the unthinkable happens. Christina is brutally attacked in the hospital parking lot as she chats with Tom on the way to her car. The assailant slams her head through a window and kicks her in the stomach, indicating that someone wants Christina and her unborn baby dead. A frantic Tom runs out to find his new bride bleeding to death by her car, carries her inside, and demands the team do all they can to save their baby. New surgical fellow Dr. Miles Bourdet (played by new cast member Derek Luke) arrives just in time to help out. The baby’s heart rate begins to drop and the team argues about the safest way to try and save the baby and keep Christina stable.

A scared and devastated Christina gives Tom permission to do whatever it takes, but ultimately they lose the baby and the two newlyweds must cope. Meanwhile, Candy arrives, too late to catch the couple’s nuptials, but in labor. There’s a heart-wrenching moment when Candy is in the room delivering a healthy baby girl while right next door Christina must deliver a stillborn.

We also learn that Bobbi is offered the Chief of Nursing job, unbeknownst to Christina, and she accepts, though she fears it won’t go over well with the staff.

Tune in for new episodes of “HawthoRNe” on TNT, Tuesdays at 10/9c, and check back here every Wednesday morning for a recap!

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