Last night on “HawthoRNe” the pace finally slowed some, so viewers could get a break from all the drama. We’re glad it did, it’s nice to see Christina (Jada Pinkett-Smith) smiling for a change, no?

Christina’s daughter Camille is secretly dating new surgical fellow Miles (Derek Luke) despite warnings from her new stepdad Tom, and unbeknownst to mommy dearest. She volunteers to watch his kids, who are visiting for the day, but bails when she sees a chance to let Christina and Tom spent the day with them — which turns out to be a bittersweet experience for Tom and Christina — who are contemplating whether or not to try for another baby so close after losing their unborn child so tragically.

Bobbie is photographed for an article about James River, meanwhile, Kelly and Dr. Marshall learn more about each other. Investigator Jimmy Dupree (guest star Bill Engvall) returns to question Detective Renata (Marc Anthony) again. He wants to see if his story will match up to the last one he told. Let’s hope he buys what Nick’s selling, because otherwise Christina, Tom and Nick are screwed.

Did you watch “HawthoRNe” last night? What do you think of the third season so far?