On TNT’s “HawthoRNe” last night, true feelings came to light and the results weren’t what fans would have hoped they’d be.

While Christina (Jada Pinkett-Smith) is busy helping Nick (Marc Anthony) throw a birthday party for his ailing mother, her daughter Camille is taking things a step further with her friendship with Miles (Derek Luke) by offering to watch his visiting kids for him. It seems she has everything under control until Miles’ son suffers a severe allergic reaction under her watch and has to be rushed to the emergency room.

Miles’ is none too pleased and Camille fears this could be the end of their friendship as they wait to find out the status of the son’s condition. Miles blames Camille at first, but comes around as he starts to relax some upon hearing news that his son should pull through just fine. Unfortunately, Miles’ ex wife (played by firecracker LisaRaye McCoy) isn’t so calm when she arrives. She slaps Camille and threatens to take Miles’ kids away for good.

Later, Camille tells Miles she can’t just be his friend because she’s in love with him, but walks off when he doesn’t respond at all. When Camille tries to ring her mom for support, after her new stepdad Tom tells her she must fess up, there’s no answer. Christina is so distracted by Nick’s family’s needs at his mother’s birthday party that she’s not there for Camille when she needs her most.

Tom stops by the party at Nick’s home to support Christina, but given his feelings about Nick, he’s not pleased he has to do this. When Christina asks him to dance with her before he goes, he passes, and the tension in their marriage becomes clear as day.

Back at the hospital, Bobby tries to cover for John after he passes out drunk in his office, then threatens to call the board if he doesn’t check himself into rehab. Meanwhile, Bobby holds a fundraiser for a new cancer lab at James River. When she realizes John needs her help, she also asks that he approve the budget for the lab — in exchange for her silence.

What do you think about last night’s episode? Do you think Christina and Tom could be headed for divorce as the love triangle between them and Nick heats up?