Despite a near fatal attack on last week’s episode and losing her unborn baby, last night’s episode opened with Christina (Jada Pinkett-Smith) back to work at the hospital. Perhaps more shocking is that she has yet to go home and mourn with her new husband, Tom (Michael Vartan).

The team is faced with treating a young girl dropped off at the hospital without a parent or guardian. Christina sympathizes with the girl and doesn’t want to call Social Services, but Bobbie, who’s in charge for now, doesn’t want to break with protocol. When Christina pushes back, telling her she believes the little girl has seen her unborn daughter, Bobbie freaks out and tells hospital head Morrissey that Christina could be near her breaking point.

Morrissey then calls an intervention of sorts to help Christina — which totally backfired when the slick-talking nurse comes in defensive and pissed. During the intervention, Christina pointed out that she felt her best friend (Bobbie) was trying to steal her job and her husband had no clue what she was feeling, and “wouldn’t even know what to say if he did.” Ouch! Christina, we know you’re hurting, but are you sure no one else cares?

Back at the hospital, a heated confrontation between Bobbie and Christina ends with what appears to be the dissolution of their friendship and Christina being fired. The nurses seem to blame Bobbie for the bad call, and tensions at the hospital rise.

Tom doesn’t know how to handle the sadness and guilt he’s suddenly faced with, so he goes out and buys a handgun for protection (so dumb) and later gets into a completely senseless bar fight (even dumber) and lands in the slammer, facing a concealed weapons charge. Luckily for Tom, Detective Nick Renata (Mark Anthony) went to the hospital to pay Christina a visit and wound up taking her home, so he was there when she got the call about his little situation. Nick does the right thing and picks Tom up and makes it go away, but he asks if his nephew can trail Tom at the hospital as return favor. A reluctant Tom agrees and thanks Nick, but it’s clear his troubles are far from over.

Sparks begin to fly between Christina’s daughter Camille and new surgeon Miles (Derek Luke). She turns up the flirting and he’s turned off by her age and how hard she’s trying. (Nice call, Miles!) An embarrassed Camille later returns to his side with an apology for her overly aggressive behavior, and asks him to teach her how to pray. Miles is at risk of losing his children in a divorce, so he’s also going through a rough time.

There were no truly happy moments in this episode, but on a positive note, Camille learned how to talk to God, and Christina is finally at home in her bed where she belongs.