The much anticipated season finale of TNT’s “HawthoRNe” aired last night, giving fans a giant dose of drama and the biggest cliffhanger the show’s seen yet.

It’s all smooth sailing when the episode begins, with many of our favorite characters finally beginning to reach the light at the end of their tunnels. Christina, who accepted the temporary job of running James River, and Tom have found a way to be cordial to one another and she received a mostly warm welcome back. She and Bobbie work out their differences, though Tom is still too angry to really talk.

Tom is forced to operate on a dear friend with ALS whose wife insists he live another day. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Steve try to decide what’s next for them and when they will get married, but the decision is made for them when she finds out that her proposal has been approved and she’ll be heading up the new research center. Camille heads off to college after a long chat with her mother about how much she’s grown and how they’ll always have their special bond. (They make a great on screen mother-daughter duo, don’t they?)

Tom swings by Christina’s to offer some forgiveness and to let her know he’s sorry for his part in what happened. Christina seems to finally be ready to start smiling again until Nick shows up. He’s been missing for days and when she tries to ask where he’s been, he just pushes his ways in, acting pretty bizarre. (Was he drunk?) The next thing we know he has a gun on Christina’s kitchen table and he’s asking her if she fears him. It seems that all he wants is Christina’s love. Though terrified, Christina holds it together long enough to see him out. Before she can even process what happened, she hears a gunshot out front. Nick actually shot himself in the heart in his car while parked in front of her house. Christina runs out to help him, but it looks like he’s dying fast. She screams for help while holding Nick’s limp body in her arms. Fade to black…

Yikes, we sure hope Nick pulls through. It’s been a tough season filled with drama, but none of it was worth a life. What do you think? Was the cliffhanger too much for you?