Happy Birthday Meghan Markle! 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Meghan Before She Became A Duchess
Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Our favorite royal lady, Meghan Markle, turns 37 today and while everyone is trying to figure out how she’s celebrating her first birthday as a royal, we’re revealing seven things you might not have known about her before she married Prince Harry. We all know that she’s tight with tennis superstar Serena Williams and that she ran her own lifestyle blog (Don’t bother looking for it, all traces of it have vanished). But did you know she worked at a frozen yogurt shop when she was just 13 years old? Check out the rest of these random facts about the Duchess of Sussex: Her mother was the only member of her family at her wedding Out of the 600 people lucky enough to attend the royal wedding, Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, was the sole representative of Markle’s family. She represented extremely well, however, with fans around the world applauding her for her style and grace.


She’s been a fan of Princess Diana for years Apparently, Markle was just as obsessed with Princess Diana as the rest of us. A friend of Ragland recalls Markle watching video reruns of Princess Diana’s fairytale wedding whens she was younger, according to The Mirror. Who knew she’d be joining the family 30 years later? Talk about a fairy tale. She appeared in two Hallmark Channel movie While still working on Suits, Markle decided to show a lighter side to her acting in two romantic Hallmark original movies about finding love as a successful career woman. In an interview about the movie, she discussed why she loves the network. “It’s really heartwarming and affirming and validating. Especially in this day and age, it’s so nice for families to be able to all watch programming together.” Well, I know what I’m watching this weekend!
She worked at a frozen yogurt shop  Ever wonder what was Markle’s first job? Like so many pre-teens across the country, Markle was serving fro-yo when she was just 13 years old, according to Business Insider. In Los Angeles, frozen yogurt shops are a hot spot for celeb sightings, so it’s no surprise Markle remembers meeting  Baywatch star Yasmine Bleethe. Her mother’s nickname for her is “Flower” Markle and her mother have an enviably close relationship. Marie Claire says Markle’s mother has a nickname for her and it’s “Flower.” Apparently, Ragland has been calling her that since she was a little girl. So sweet! She was 11 when she spoke out against sexism for the first time  Long before Markle was in the spotlight, she was fighting for gender equality from her childhood home. At just 11 years old, the feminist wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton regarding a commercial she saw on television that she felt was offensive to women, old Nick News footage showed. She just proved you’re never too young to stand up for equality. She held a briefcase on Deal Or No Deal Coming from someone who was obsessed with the show, I can’t believe I didn’t know this one! Prior to landing her role on Suits, Markle held briefcase #24 on the popular game show Deal Or No Deal. She admits she only did it to make ends meet while auditioning for other roles and would stand for hours waiting for someone to call her number so she could sit down.