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You look amazing, so nice. Thank you. For real? Yeah. You know what I think it probably is? Is clean living. I don't abuse any substances, not food. Not drugs. Not alcohol. I do not smoke. And I've learned in life I don't stay anywhere where I'm supremely unhappy. I dare to change my circumstance and not live in misery. And And while that's hard sometimes I think it reflects on my face. It reflects in my attitude that I dare to choose happiness rather than being stuck because you make one decision one day as women. We can make another decision tomorrow if the decision we made yesterday no longer feels right. Yeah. Yes. And I think that's being a big key to my happiness. I love that. So you're just not feeling it or the moment, any of it. [CROSSTALK]. [SOUND]

Halle Berry is making the press rounds for her upcoming film Kidnap and slaying every appearance in a head-turning hairstyle.

Her latest look at the thriller’s July 31 Hollywood premiere gave us boho-chic vibes, as she rocked sleek sandy brown tresses adorned with suede and twine hair accessories.

Alexander Tamargo

This look is sure to catch fire for fall, as warm neutrals usually trend during the cooler season. Halle opted for another festival season ‘do when she wore a fishtail braid accessorized with rings for a Kidnap screening in Miami. 

The film, directed by Luis Priesto, features Halle as a making-ends-meet mother (Frankie) who is dealing with the pressure of a custody battle against with her estranged husband.

While Frankie and her son are at a carnival, she takes a call from her divorce lawyer and seconds later, turns around to find her son led astray by strangers. The film follows Frankie’s quest to not only find her son, but discover why he was targeted, too. 

We can’t wait to see what other mane moments Halle will deliver before Kidnap hits theaters on Friday, August 4.

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