Panic Arises At Global Citizen Festival As Concert Goers Mistake Crash For Possible Gunshots
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen
There’s nothing scarier than attending a concert, and having to run for your life in panic because you think you’re in danger. For those who attended the Global Citizen Festival in New York City yesterday, that’s exactly what happened. A barrier collapsed during the festival, causing mass panic and confusion among festivalgoers who thought it was the sound of gunshots. The New York Police Department said in a statement Saturday night, “There were NO SHOTS FIRED at . The sound was a fallen barrier.” Still, many rushed toward the exit in panic and people were reportedly injured with some witnesses at the event describing the scene as “stampede-like.” The event was then paused for the safety of the 60,000 fans attending the event. Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who was on the stage at the time, tried to calm the attendees down. “What happened is a barrier I think fell down. Of course it caused people to be a bit frightened and stuff like that. But nobody is trying to hurt nobody. You are all safe,” he said to cheers before handing the microphone to NYPD’s assistant chief Kathleen O’Reilly, who reassured fans of their safety. Global Citizen later released a statement via Twitter thanking fans “who took action and joined us today.” “Our thoughts are with those who were injured or afraid after the barrier fell earlier this evening,” the statement continued. “We’re grateful for the first responders who ensured everyone’s safety and enabled the festival to go on. Of course, the show went on! Later, the iconic Janet Jackson took to the stage.


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