Gabrielle Union Shares Hilarious Story About Not Quite Understanding Her Clitoris
Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has always been an open book and during a recent live taping of ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast the actress dished on getting her period for the first time and not completely understanding her clitoris. 

The actress revealed that she often turns to her denim jacket as a security blanket because when she began to menstruate she would wrap a jean jacket around her waste to “cover the accident.”

“I thought your clitoris was the alpha and omega, why would I look any further?” Union told ESSENCE. “I thought you peed out of your clitoris. Of course, that’s where babies come from, I thought, and that’s why it’s so painful because it’s so small.”

Union added that when her period arrived she was too embarrassed to go to her mother for help and soon realized that the reason she was spotting all over her jeans was because of a misplaced pad.

“When I got my period I didn’t want to share it with my mom or anyone,” she said. “And, my mom assumed that her straight A student knew her clitoris from her uretha, from her vagina. And, I did not. I had accidents consistently, every month for a year and a half. When I thought it might be coming I would just carry my jean jacket around to cover the accident I knew I was going to be having. Turns out my pad was riding high because I thought I was bleeding from my clitoris.”



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