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Gabrielle Union Talked Openly About Sexual Reciprocity And Twitter Freaked Out


When it comes to sexual satisfaction, Gabrielle Union is advocating that everyone get the pleasure they deserve in the bedroom. 

The actress and author of the new memoir, We’re Going To Need More Wine, had Twitter in shambles after discussing reciprocity on Sway In The Morning last Friday.

Speaking candidly about masturbating as early as 5 years old, the Being Mary Jane star said that no one should be ashamed about demanding what they need in the bedroom. 


“Listen, it’s all about equality and a lot of times especially women feel like I’m going to lose him if I don’t do XYZ and there’s never any thought to the woman enjoying, or having any expectation of enjoying sex,” Union said. “I’m just a vessel for somebody else’s sexual gratification, and we have to take that back. We have to demand equality everywhere.”

Upon hearing her comments about reciprocity, which then turned into a conversation about anal sex, Twitter responded accordingly. 

After Twitter went on the attack, the 44-year-old went on the defense regarding her comments and clarified that she was speaking specifically about equal sexual pleasure between two consenting partners, no matter what the act is.

If the internet learned anything over the weekend, it’s that Gabby is all about the give and the take. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that!


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