Gabrielle Union Praises Meryl Streep, Calls Out Jenna Bush And Michael Keaton For ‘Hidden Fences’ Flubs
Prince Williams/ATLPICS2016

Gabrielle Union stopped by The View recently to discuss the Golden Globes and Donald Trump..

Always one to speak openly and honestly, Union addressed the “Hidden Fences” flubs from Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton during Sunday night’s ceremony. The actress explained that maybe subconsciously, they lumped the two films together, but added, “What that does is it diminishes and marginalizes the films and excellent work.” Of course, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said it could have been a simple mistake, but even so, as Union explained, more than one person made it.

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“I think their apologies said a lot about what their intentions were. Jenna Bush’s heartfelt apology was widely accepted by the cast of Hidden Figures. And, then Michael Keaton’s non-apology spoke volumes, I think, and no one has accepted that apology,” she said. 

The Being Mary Jane star went on to praise Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes, in which the Lifetime Achievement Award winner condemned Donald Trump. Union added that one of the most interesting things about Streep’s speech was that she didn’t mention Trump by name, going on to criticize his response:

“She talked about someone who openly mocked a disabled reporter. So, if you weren’t someone who openly mocked a disabled reporter, you wouldn’t have your panties in a bunch. But, somebody had their panties in a bunch because he openly mocked a disabled reporter and it was captured on video.”

“He panders to hate,” Union continued. “And that’s what she talked about. So, if he was not someone who pandered to hate, he would not have his panties in a twist. All she did was shine a light on what he already did, she called him out. That’s not attacking someone. If you exhibit terrible behavior and someone then talks about your terrible behavior, that’s not attacking you, honey, that’s called being accountable for your actions.”