French Montana Deserves Every Drag He Got This Morning
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Late Wednesday night, a young Black woman —who had every right to state her opinion online— made a comment about rapper French Montana. It was a simple opinion, void of epithets and not directly tagged to the star. “The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him…,” the woman wrote. But for whatever ungodly reason, French decided to clap back with a comment so foul we’d rather not type it out.   “Nappy ass poetic justice braids?” This is no doubt a dig to her race and beauty at the same time. And like clockwork, Twitter responded by dragging the tan out of the Moroccan born rapper for his       In defense, French naturally played the race card, saying there’s no way he could be racist when his son, mother and ex-wife are Black. He also added that he was raised in Africa for 13 years and doesn’t discriminate.   Words, words, words. History proves that calling out every Black person you know in an attempt to cover up your racism is a sure way to expose yourself. But his response to the woman is evidence enough of his ironic anti-blackness. Let’s consider this: French is known in the hip-hop community for making money off the Black culture. He’s also done very little to uplift those in the Black community he profits from. Adding insult to injury, French reportedly left his aforementioned “beautiful black queen” wife for a Kardashian, right before dating the ultimate cultural appropriator, Iggy Azalea. But we’re going to go high, when they go low. Race versus ethnicity debate aside, it ain’t right. The undertone of his comment was pure, untamed racism. French, in all his insecurity, decided to out one commenter among the many to publicly degrade, and the fact that she just happened to be a black woman, was no mistake. Not with his history of anti-blackness.


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