Frank Ocean Told To Stick To Facts In Lawsuit Against His Father
Andrew Chin/FilmMagic

Frank Ocean and his father, Calvin Cooksey, are currently locked in a legal battle after Cooksey accused the singer of defamation.

In June 2016, Ocean shared a personal essay via Tumblr about the Orlando nightclub shooting. In the essay, Ocean recounted a childhood story in which his father drags him out of a diner after calling their transgender waitress a homophobic slur.

Ocean has responded to his father’s claims of defamation by stating that the essay “speaks for itself.”

According to Pitchfork, Ocean has outlined 17 affirmative defenses that explain why the case should be dismissed. Legal documents show that the court has upheld 16 of Ocean’s defenses, but Judge Stephen V. Wilson explained that he found many of the singer’s responses to be “completely devoid of any factual support” and is urging Ocean to stick to the facts.

Wilson has stated that the court may consider sanctions if Ocean persists with “arguments with no factual support in order to confuse [Cooksey] or hide the truth of the matter.” He added that both parties used “litigation tactics that are peripheral to the merits or progress of the case.”

Cooksey also mentioned Ocean’s close friend, Tyler the Creator, in the suit, calling the rapper a “devil worshipper.” Ocean’s father is seeking $14.5 million in damages, noting that his son’s claims have left him unable to pursue financial opportunities in film and music.