Flex and Shanice Want to See More Black Love On TV

Comedian Flex Alexander wasn’t exactly excited when his wife Shanice said they should do a reality show.

“We actually had arguments about it,” she confessed to a packed ESSENCE Festival crowd. “I guess he felt like people wouldn’t take him seriously as an actor if he was on a reality show.”

Still, she believed it would happen.

“I created a vision board, wrote a check that said ‘reality show’ on the check, and I put Oprah Winfrey’s name on it,” she confessed. That was back in 2007, and seven years later, they’re telling their story on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN.

On their show, Flex & Shanice, the couple shares their real life ups and downs as they struggle to rebuild the careers and regain their financial footing. While many people hide their money woes, Flex and Shanice have been extremely open about their troubles, which included filing for bankruptcy and being evicted from their home.

Money regularly breaks up marriages, but Flex and Shanice’s challenges only brought them closer together. That’s the main reason they decided to do the show.

“We need to show more Black love now more than any time. Not just Black love, but family love,” he explained, adding he wished more Black families were showcased on TV. “We just wanted to show people that it’ll turn around with love and patience and kindness and sincerity.”

Though he was hesitant in the beginning, Flex admitted Shanice was right about sharing their story on TV all along.

“I’m glad I listened to my wife and we did it,” he said.

Watch Flex & Shanice Saturday nights on OWN. 

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