The Final Five Dazzle While Attending the CMA Awards: ‘We’re Just Taking it All In’
John Shearer

The Final Five attended yet another award show, arriving in all their glory as bubbly young ladies who just happen to be Olympic champions at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night.

The Olympians, minus Gabby Douglas, told PEOPLE on the red carpet about their experiences post the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“There’s been so many cool opportunities for all of us after the Olympics, we’re just taking it all in,” Simone Biles said.

Madison Kocian, who said she is the biggest country music fan, mentioned she was excited to see “everybody,” including Carrie Underwood and Keith Perry.

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The ladies also expressed excitement at possibly meeting Hunter Hayes.

“We’re gonna find him,” Biles said, giggling as her teammates agreed.

Laurie Hernandez expressed amazement at the differences between the Olympics and Dancing with the Stars, where she dances with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

“Oh my gosh, I mean, they are two totally different things,” she said about the two. “The Olympics was kind of stressful, but we had trained our whole lives for it. This is totally stressful in a different kind of way.”

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