Felicia From ‘Friday’ Is Living Her Best Life As A Vegan Cafe Owner

While Craig was busy getting fired on his day off, Felicia was thinking of her next move.

Angela Means, the actress who played the iconic role, has accomplished a lot since the classic film and now she’s tackling a new goal. LA Weekly reports that Means is now a vegan cafe owner. 

Means runs Jackfruit Cafe, teaming up with King’s Donuts to run the operation from their kitchen. “All I can say is that the spirit led me. And now I have a vegan cafe in the ’hood,” she told the publication. 

The actress grew up a vegetarian before turning to veganism and has always loved cooking, but never thought of combining to the two until now. Means, who has worked as a model and appeared on Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter, worked as a personal chef before launching her own line of plant-based products. 

Means, now 54, runs the cafe by herself, but doesn’t mind being a one-woman show. “I leave here and I can’t wait to get back. I love what I’m doing.”

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