Confusion ensued at the Atlanta stop of the On The Run II tour when a fan walked onstage and tried to follow Beyonce and Jay-Z as the couple walked backstage. As seen in fan footage of the incident, the still unnamed fan easily jumped on the stage at the Mercedes Benz Stadium on Saturday night. At first, the dancers and band appear confused by the intruder’s presence. But as he makes his way towards the back of the stage, where Beyonce and Jay-Z were headed just moments ago, everyone springs into action. Some claim that a fight ensued, but it is not clear what exactly happened once the intruder is out of sight. Beyonce’s publicist put out a statement early Sunday morning, assuring fans that everything was okay. “Beyonce and JAY-Z on stage tonight in Atlanta. Thank you to all the fans for your concern,” she wrote. “They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow.” The pair is set to take the stage for their second show in Atlanta on Sunday. TOPICS: