EXCLUSIVE: Watch Kindred the Family Soul’s ‘A Couple Friends’ Short Film
Kindred the Family Soul Management

Singing couple Kindred the Family Soul upended the conventional route of a releasing a new video for each song on their fifth, and latest, album A Couple Friends. Instead, Aja and Fatin Dantzler worked on a short film that would best capture the spirit of their message on the album.

We already suspected the Dantzler’s, who’ve been married for 16 years and are proud parents of six children, were the go-to couple for advice and counsel among their friends. And in the film, directed by Jamal Hill, they do just that, helping the couples in their midst work through their problems. At other moments, they reflect on the “pain and the glory” of relationships, even enlisting legendary singer-songwriter Valerie Simpson into the mix. “It’s hard work, for love, we labor,” they sing. Indeed.

Watch A Couple Friends and let us know what you think.