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EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton Talks Spinoff Show, New Music and Babies

Tamar Braxton chats about her new album, babies and the new role she plays in her spinoff show. 

Tamar Braxton has a lot to look forward to these days. The youngest and most opinionated Braxton is not only gearing up to release the first single from her sophomore album, but her new reality show with hubby Vincent Herbert is set to premiere tonight 10pm ET. Tamar & Vince, the first spinoff show for WeTV, follows the happy couple as Tamar pursues her music career and Vincent balances work and home life. ESSENCE.com caught up with the 35-year-old to discuss her new show, new music and babies.

ESSENCE.com: What’s it like having cameras around all the time? Can you be yourself around them?

TAMAR BRAXTON: What? I’ve been so comfortable! It’s like a part of my life. Braxton Family Values was 26 episodes. Vince and I was just a measly ten and that was nothing. And then we start right back in two weeks to shoot another 26 episodes of Braxton Family Values.

ESSENCE.com: Tell us more about the woman we will see in this reality show. How is she different from the Tamar on Braxton Family Values.

BRAXTON: Well, I mean I’m still myself, but I’m just turned down a little bit because of my husband, Vincent D. Herbert, the Deebo extraordinaire. You know he has a really strong personality. You see him totally different on Braxton Family Values than when he’s on the show because I’m in a different light. I’m in the seat of being the youngest Braxton with the biggest mouth with an opinion about everything. And when I am at home I am definitely respectful as a wife, but I do have my own opinions about things, but it’s just a different role for me because I just kind of take a back seat.

ESSENCE.com: Tamar and Vince is the first spinoff show for WeTV. How did your sisters react when you told them you got your own reality show? Were they supportive?

BRAXTON: Before this decision was made they were like, “You should do this show. It would be great. You know people really need to see that there’s another side of you. You’re not just this loud mouth. You know you are a businesswoman. You are really smart.” A lot of people don’t get the chance to see that. They see me popping off with my sisters. And I do think it’s a totally different thing because when you’re with your sisters you are always a different person. Or when you’re with your family you are a different person than who you are in your relationship.

ESSENCE.com: Will we see you trying to be a mother this season?

BRAXTON: Nope, I don’t have any babies yet. But I am a mother to Vincent’s dog, Miracle.

ESSENCE.com Have you grown to love the dog?

BRAXTON: I love the dog. I miss him a lot sometimes, but she is bad and he is spoiled! And I know that is something that also makes Vincent very happy. He’s been wanting a dog for a long time and I just went ahead and let him have his little dog.

ESSENCE.com: How is Vincent keeping up with business and recording a reality show? It must be hard to balance everything.

BRAXTON: It really is. Sometimes I’m like, “Vince you are doing way too much. You are spreading yourself really thin.” I am every concerned about his health. He is doing very well right now but I just don’t want him to stress out too much and take on a lot of things that he probably shouldn’t. But, he doesn’t listen to me at all.

ESSENCE.com: So on to the music, I’m sure you are really excited about your new project. What is the name of the first single and what should we be expecting?

BRAXTON: You know I’m not sure because it keeps changing. Vincent keeps saying that’s a good thing because as I record my album and finish it up he feels we are recording better songs. I am really happy with the material I am recording, so I don’t have any arguments about that. A single will be out before the end of the year. My album will be out next year.

ESSENCE.com: This is going to be your second album. Have you felt any pressure to be as successful as Toni?

BRAXTON: Not at all. I believe Toni and I are two totally different kinds of artists. We sing different types of music. My first album was definitely not a reflection of myself. I do believe that the record company at the time, because of the success of Toni, wanted the same thing. They wanted me to sing the type of music that she did because I could. And I just feel like now I’m doing the kind of music and sound that I want. I do feel like this is my best work to date.

ESSENCE.com: What is Tamar’s sound? Can you describe your musical taste?

BRAXTON: I do believe it is a true reflection of who I am. It’s opinionated, it’s fun, it’s spunky, it’s romantic and it’s just poppin’. It’s me, totally.

ESSENCE.com: So since the Braxtons didn’t get to do another family album, will there be a sister collaboration on your album?

BRAXTON: Well you know I wouldn’t say we didn’t get the chance to do the sister collaboration because like I said we start shooting again in another two weeks, but this is something that I felt I had to do. It is very necessary for me to do as an individual and as one of my goals. And why not do it now? But they won’t be on my album — at least not this one.