Tonight, all eyes will turn to the season two premiere of the Capitol Hill drama Scandal. Although star Kerry Washington, who plays tough-minded crisis manager Olivia Pope on the show, was tight-lipped on details, she let in on a few clues to get everyone excited about the upcoming episode.

At the end of season one, viewers were left with many questions — namely, what is the real identity of Olivia’s rookie employee Quinn? “In the season premiere, you definitely get the question about who is Quinn,” Washington tells us. “But then you have about five more questions that you didn’t have before — some of which I have answers to, some of which I’m dying to find out.”

Although Washington’s five episodes into shooting the season, she’s in the dark about what’s going to happen like everyone else. Washington admits she’s still uncertain what will happen between her character Olivia and the president with their on-and-off romance. “When you work in Shondaland, you don’t get an outline for the season,” said Washington, referring to the universe created by Shonda Rimes. “People are always asking me what’s going to happen and/or where is it going to go, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know. I’m about four episodes ahead of you guys, but I don’t know.’ We’re as shocked every week as anybody else. I relate to it when you guys are watching because that’s how we read it.”

Without getting too specific, Washington said the theme of “secrets” comes into play this time around. “I think the show becomes more and more complicated for sure…. Secrets and how they impact each other’s lives is a big theme so far.”

Are you planning to catch the season opener tonight on ABC at 10 p.m.?

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