Finally, India Arie returns with a brand new studio album after a four-year hiatus. The somewhat reclusive Grammy winner says her latest effort, SongVersation (out June 25), is “for people who wanted to be able to speak and sing.”

“It really is an album that I want to spark conversation with,” she told us last month following the controversy surrounding artwork from her first single, “Cocoa Butter.” Fans accused Arie of lightening her brown skin. She denied the charge, adding, “I sing about loving my skin so much because I really do.”

Now, Arie reveals her softer (and may we add, superbly regal) side for the cover of SongVersation, her fifth studio album. 

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Pink is her color of the year, she says. “It’s soft and feminine and represents the heart. It’s always been one of my favorite colors to wear because it makes me feel calm.”

“My open hands represent the energy of giving and receiving and that’s what a SongVersation is.”

Can you feel the love?

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