Ledisi is back!

Today, the New Orleans native and ESSENCE Festival alumna releases her brand new single, “I Blame You,” a follow up to 2011’s Pieces of Me.

She says despite the negative song title, the song is actually very positive. “It’s about a relationship and you’re excited about the person making you excited about you, again. So, you’re blaming that person for bringing some light into your life.” And for eagerly awaiting fans, it’s a taste of the new album. “[The song] gives you insight to the honesty and the sensuality to what is to come,” Ledisi followed up.

When asked if there’s someone special in her life who she’s “blaming” for her newfound happiness, the singer couldn’t contain her laughter. “I have experienced someone radiating light into my world and making me feel good about me. It’s also about feeling good about you first, then enhancing that… Someone is making me smile and it feels good!”

Listen to Ledisi’s new single “I Blame You” below.

“I Blame You” by Ledisi [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2013/09/17/i_blame_you.mp3]

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