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EXCLUSIVE First Listen: Hear Anthony David's New Album, 'Love Out Loud'

The neo-soul singer returns with his fourth album. Listen here, exclusively.
EXCLUSIVE First Listen: Hear Anthony David’s New Album, ‘Love Out Loud’
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Few singers are quite as prolific as Anthony David. The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, perhaps best known for his baritone voice and collaborations with India.Arie and Algebra, has released two albums in two years. This week he returns with his fourth offering, Love Out Loud (out November 13), just in time to close out 2012.

On Love Out Loud, David says he opted to go without a grand concept album. Instead he has allowed the 11-song collection to freely straddle genres like reggae, rock and even 1980s pop (David clearly loves this era he remade Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the Word” on his last album). And in true Anthony David fashion, the album, while steeped in soul grooves, provides a bit of social commentary as the Grammy-nominated singer wonders what human kind would be like if we loved out loud and to our highest potential. On “Aspiracy Theory” he sings: “I’ve been trying to find a better place for us/ Man can live without food/ not without hope/ We can extend to the highest high/ just need a little hope.”

Listen to Love Out Loud and let us know what you think:

“Aspiracy Theory” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/01_aspiracy_theory.mp3]

Love Out Loud” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/02_love_out_loud.mp3]

“Can’t Look Down” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/03_cant_look_down.mp3]

“So Jaded” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/04_so_jaded.mp3]

“Livin It Up”  ft. Sonni King & Gramps Morgan [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/05_livin_it_up__ft._sonni_king__gra.mp3]

“Official”  ft. Algebra [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/06_official__ft._algebra_0.mp3]

“Sweet Pain” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/07_sweet_pain.mp3]

“Movie Night” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/08_movie_night.mp3]

“Control Freak” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/09_control_freak.mp3]

“On My Way To Crazy” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/10_on_my_way_to_crazy.mp3]

“A Way For Me” [MP3-URL:/sites/default/files/audio/2012/11/12/11_a_way_for_me.mp3]