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EXCLUSIVE: Braxton Sisters Share Motherhood Advice with Tamar

From wearing comfy shoes to taking plenty of pictures, the Braxton sisters dish out mommy advice to Tamar. 
EXCLUSIVE: Braxton Sisters Share Motherhood Advice with Tamar
Darien Davis

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and mommy-to-be Tamar Braxton looks like she’s going to pop any day now, so it’s only right for the Braxtons to shower their youngest sister with gifts and motherhood advice. 

ESSENCE.com caught up with the Braxton Family Values stars at Tamar’s gender-neutral Backyard Boogie baby shower at the Bel-Air Hotel, and the expectant mother said Toni has been the most vocal about her maternity style.

“Toni Braxton is the number one person. She wants me to wear flats. She’s going to have a fit about these shoes right now,” Tamar said of her multi-colored Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos.

“I’ve given her so much advice that I think I should shut up now,” said Toni. “It’s overload, probably too much for her. Buy good bras so your boobies don’t sag! You can always buy some new ones, but in the meanwhile get some really good bras.”

The “Love and War” singer is known for speaking her mind and giving the family a hard time. Sister Towanda said she should watch out because “history always repeat itself.” She followed up laughing, “First, she needs to apologize to all of her sisters for giving us a hard time. Two, she just needs to take a lot of pictures and have fun.” 

Traci, who has one son of her own, said she has no doubts that Tamar will be a great mother. “Just continue to be the woman that she is and everything will follow through,” said Traci. “She is a very great and loving person and it will always follow through. Just always keep your children first.”

Unlike the other sisters, Trina said she’s not giving Tamar too much advice because “every baby is different, every pregnancy is different and every mother is different.” She continued, “Babies, they aren’t babies for too long. They are given to us for a short period of time before they are grown up so just enjoy them being babies,” said Trina. 

While everyone dished out their two cents, hubby Vince said he’s just trying to come up with the perfect gift for his wife’s first Mother’s Day. “I have no idea. But as always, I will try to give her the world,” he said.