EXCLUSIVE: Alfie Enoch on How it Feels to ‘Get Away with Murder’
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Alfred “Alfie” Enoch is committed to his character Wes on ABC’s hit legal drama How To Get Away with Murder.

He’s so dedicated, in fact, that when he did interviews with the press during a recent set visit in Hollywood, he used Wes’ American accent instead of his real British accent.

It’s all part of the process. 

The other part of the process is dissecting Wes’ motivation now that the series has returned after an excruciatingly lengthy mid-season break and Wes’ girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay, The Killing) has beat that Lila Stangard murder wrap. For starters, although Wes has killed someone, at least he had good reason to, said Enoch, who found out his character murdered Sam at the mid-season finale table read.

“Wes has been out to protect Rebecca from the beginning,” said the 26-year-old London native, best known for his role as Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter movies. “There is someone who is important to him who’s at stake. I could see a scenario where that could occur and I’m glad it fell out the way that I felt was plausible, which was to protect her, he would do it.”

Now that Sam is dead and Rebecca is free, the couple can actually enjoy the courting process, Findlay, 24, said.

“It’s Wes and Rebecca and then everybody else and they’ve been under so much particular stress,” she said. “Wes is part of everybody else and goes back and forth but nobody else is part of Wes and Rebecca. When you have that kind of burden lifted, it’s sort of a twisted holiday where you have one second before you have to think about the next thing.”

But what is that next thing for these two unstable and star-crossed lovers? 

“Ever since episode three, everything Wes has done has been for that moment when Rebecca walks out of the courtroom,” Enoch said. “It’s a Pyrrhic victory but also such an achievement. But when that disappears, that’s very difficult because they were connected over a common cause.”

Wes will also have to deal with the fact that he took a man’s life.

“Every morning he wakes up, he’s still killed someone,” Enoch said. “When you do something awful, it is really real. It was done and something as weighty as that, when does that go away? The stress that it puts on the relationship, when it is the most important thing, is horrible. It’s upsetting.”

And fans thought Connor was the loose cannon. 

How To Get Away with Murder airs 10 p.m. Thursdays on ABC.