EXCLUSIVE: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Roble

Handsome, witty and great in the kitchen: Chef Roble is one of the hottest caterers on the scene. The affable chef to the stars returned to our screens last night on the season premiere of Chef Roble & Co. serving his usual fare of sweet (aww, Roble is such a gentleman) and spicy (his clashes with big sis Jasmine are epic) ingredients, making for one must-see hour of reality TV.

After watching the show we realized we don’t know much about the Brooklyn-based bachelor (hint, hint, ladies) so we asked him to share a few tidbits about himself.

1. He’s had some crazy requests from clients
“I had one young lady who demanded that all the food at her birthday party be three colors: red, black or white. There go the herbs. There goes a lot of vegetables. It was just ridiculous. I don’t play that anymore. I’m not going to anything that will negatively affect the quality of the food.”

2. He’s not a big spender
“The most expensive thing I got in the last year is probably a laptop. I already have everything that I need. I don’t need any more toys.”

3. He used to bribe his sisters with food
“When I was younger I got really good at making breakfast foods, especially breakfast sandwiches. I started cooking for my sisters. I used it as a bartering tool to get myself out of doing chores. I would tell my sisters, ‘I’ll make you breakfast for the next three days. You do all my chores for the next few days.’”

4. He can’t live without…
Cola. “Sadly, I really like soda,” he says. “It’s a terrible thing to not be able to live without.”

5. He’d love to cook for…
“President Obama (again), the First Lady and the kids at the White House. That would be nice.”

6. He’d love to cook with…
“Chef Eric Ripert. He’s a bad dude. I wouldn’t mind cooking with him for a week.”

7. His favorite cuisine
“I don’t have one. I like so many different things that I can’t just pick one.”

Catch Chef Roble & Co., Wednesdays at 10pm EST on Bravo and at the ESSENCE Fest Empowerment Experience on July 5

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