Everything We Know About Nelly's Rape Allegations

Sydney Scott Oct, 09, 2017

On Saturday, rapper Nelly was arrested after a woman claimed he raped her on his tour bus. 

The alleged rape took place in Auburn, Washington, where Nelly had performed at the White River Amphitheatre on Friday. 

Police told the Associated Press and Q-13 News that they had probable cause to arrest the rapper, who was released shortly after with no charges pending further investigation. 

Details are steadily streaming in about the alleged rape, with Nelly releasing a statement maintaining his innocence and celebs coming to his defense. Here’s everything we know about the situation:

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Nelly, real name Cornell Haynes Jr., was arrested and taken to a jail in Des Moines, Washington, where he was booked under investigation of a second-degree rape charge. 


In the police report, the woman behind the accusations claims that the rape took place on the rapper's tour bus. TMZ adds that the woman claims Nelly raped her without a condom after repeated objections. She allegedly declined money offered by the rapper, who kicked her off his tour bus as a member of his entourage threw $100 at her. 

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Nelly released a statement shortly after his release maintaining his innocence and thanking friend, family, and fans for their support. The rapper's lawyer stated that he believes the victim is after money, telling TMZ, "It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety."

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Paparazzi caught up with Akon at LAX, where they asked the singer his thoughts on the rape allegations facing Nelly. The singer quickly defended the star, who he called "an amazing person,'' adding that the victim was either mistaken or likely looking for money.

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The rapper shared a video to Instagram in which he questioned what happens to women who lie about rape. Bringing up Mike Tyson and Tupac, who both faced rape allegations during their careers, T.I. asked, "What the f--k ever happened after the motherf--ker find out that the b---h was lying? What consequences is there for this young lady? Because we take ours. If more than 12 find her guilty, we got the answer for that. But, if they find out that wasn’t true, what the f--k happens to her?"