Eve Says Janet Jackson Came To Her Rescue After She Was Drugged At An Industry Party
Angela Christine/Instagram

Eve has opened up about a scary experience that took place at an industry party, and the iconic entertainer who helped her through the ordeal.

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The rapper revealed to the ladies of The Talk that she was drugged at a party while mingling with friends. During a segment on the show about the dangers of leaving your drink unattended, Eve said, “I knew immediately something was different. It was like I was there, but I wasn’t there. I forget who I was with, but whoever I was with, I tapped them on the shoulder and said ‘Something is wrong.’ And they’re like ‘No, you’re just drunk.’ And then I started hysterically crying.”

The friend she was with ditched her in a room to cry it out, but an unexpected pop icon came to her rescue. “I heard this really soft voice that’s like, ‘It’s ok. It’s ok. I’ll take care of it.’ And, I’m snot crying. And, I turn around and it’s Janet Jackson.”

Eve says she was embarrassed and apologized to the singer for snot crying in her presence, but we’re sure Jackson didn’t mind considering the situation.

Thankfully, Eve ended up fine and the rapper joked that she and Jackson are now bonded forever.