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ESSENCE Poll: What's Your Favorite Will Smith Movie?

With so many incredible films under his belt, what's your favorite Will Smith movie of all time?
ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Favorite Will Smith Movie?
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Today, Will and Jaden Smith’s new sci-fi thriller, After Earth, opens in theaters. But it’s not Will’s first foray into the genre.

The proud papa has 33 acting titles to his name—from comedy, to action, to drama—he’s done it all in his 20-plus-year career.

Few actors can command an audience like Will. His last three action movies, Men in Black III, Hancock and I Am Legend, grossed more than $650 million combined according to Box Office Mojo. He’s certainly a screen king in his own right.

Not to mention, he’s earned numerous accolades and awards including two prestigious Academy Award nominations for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his work in 2001’s Ali and 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness.

With so much box office history, what’s your favorite Will Smith movie of all time?

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