ESSENCE Fest Gospel Artist Brian Courtney Wilson Shares the Stories Behind His Songs
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Looking for some Sunday sounds to get you in the spiirit? Gospel star Brian Courtney Wilson—who will be part of our All-Star Tribute to the Clark Sisteres at ESSENCE Festival, June 30-July 3 in New Orleans—reveals the inspiration behind five of his songs.


1. “Worth Fighting For”

“I love the emotion of this song. It sweeps like a wave of inspiration in a way that makes you want to shake off whatever may have had you down or doubting and keep fighting through the tears and the pain. It is every believer’s story in some way. We are called to walk by faith, to participate in this good fight of faith, but there are times when life can hit you and leave you feeling like you are not up to the fight. The song is a reminder that not only are you up to it, but you are not fighting alone.”


2. “It Will Be Alright”

“Life is tough, regardless of who you are or what you believe. When we recorded this song, I envisioned people listening on a Monday morning, bobbing their head on the way to work deciding that despite the trouble that this life is sure to bring it will indeed be all right.”

3. “Awesome God”

“I love performing this song because it sounds regal to me. It sounds like it is worthy of the King of Kings. It sounds like it is heralding the presence of the miraculous, and when we do the song I can see it on people’s faces: They have lived the types of lives that cannot deny how awesome God is and long for God to continue to be awesome in their lives.”

4. “Already Here”

“He is present in our lives: healing, comforting, correcting, strengthening. The creator of the universe is here and that makes Him awesome.”

5. “So Proud”

“I wrote this song considering the example of my parents, how they just kept going on the good days and the bad days. They kept their heads up because they knew where their help came from: an awesome God who is here and fighting for us. Their example taught me that it would be all right if you decide not to give up.”

5. “I’ll Just Say Yes”

“Every time I hear this song, it is a challenge not to get comfortable and settle. I wouldn’t be a Grammy-nominated Dove and Stellar Award winner if I had not said yes years ago to answering the call to music ministry. But there is so much more to say yes to as it relates to my family, my career, my personal development. You can only have real peace when you exercise your faith and say yes to what the divine calling on your life requires.”


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