So much of being a parent is about teaching your children valuable lessons about life: how to be kind, patient, loving.

But every so often, your child imparts some wisdom on to you — they remind you to dream again and to laugh and they make you confront your weaknesses. And in that magical moment you realize in life the lessons go both ways.

We asked readers to share some of the lessons their children have taught them. You answered with passion, wonder, and mostly, with love.

Take a look at what you shared with us:

Kimberly wrote:
“I’ve learned about God’s unconditional love. My  five-year-old son woke up in the middle of the night recently and said,”Mommy, hold me in your arms.” I held him for a few minutes and he returned to his bed. That was all he needed, to be held. God reminded me that in those times I want to be held, He is there, He loves me and I’m not alone.”

Fiona wrote:
“That the only perfect thing in this world is her toothless, gummy three-month-old smile.”

Karyn wrote:
“I have learned to set goals for myself even through I am in the 50’s. [My daughter] has clearly written out her goals for the next 15 years and is presently trying to stick to them.”

Ersalyn wrote:
“I was never really a selfish person, but since my daughter came into my life I have learned how to make wiser decisions. I may be in a store and see something I want, but right before I pick it up, something reminds me that she needs something more than I do. I’ve also learned how to budget better. It disciplines me and helps me make the right choices so that I can save for the purchase of my first home, and her college education.”

Tisch wrote: “I’ve learned not to take life so seriously. They teach me have to have fun again and bring out my inner child.”

Tonice wrote:
“They have taught me that no matter what insecurities I may have about myself, I am perfect in their eyes.”

Jema wrote: “My teenage daughter recently told me that she was doing what was best for her. I’ve learned that she will become who she is destined to be and only requires support and love from me.”

Kimbra wrote:
“My children have taught me to slow down and appreciate the simple things life has to offer…Slumber party Fridays are the best.”

Sandra wrote:
“My kids taught me to love without question. They taught me to be patient. To worry, to be cautious and to trust. As adults, they taught me I could love someone more then them…my grand-kids.”

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