5 Life Lessons from Erykah Badu’s ESSENCE Cover Story
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Erykah Badu’s eyes have always looked as though they hold life’s deepest secrets. So we couldn’t contain our excitment when the singer agreed to spill some of that wisdom into ESSENCE’s May issue. We’re still drinking it all in.

Here are six of our favorite life lesson’s from Badu’s cover story:

1. Teach your children that they are the best. “It’s a very powerful medicine I pass on to my children,” said the mom of three.

2. “Beauty is pretty close to what people would describe as love,” said Badu. “Beauty looks like encouragement, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, carefulness and compassion.”

3. Sometimes dressing the part hinders your message. “I didn’t wear a head wrap anymore [because] I realized that maybe the people I had been trying to impress weren’t looking for a savior, but for someone who just looked like one,” said Badu.

4. Embrace your booty. Or “beauty booty” as Badu called it while talking about going nude in her Window Seat music video.

5. Don’t take your style too seriously. “It’s just art to me, and I think it expands as I learn more things and eliminates the locks and chains on me,” she shared.

Pick up the latest issue of ESSENCE to learn more about Badu!

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