I Worked Out With Dwyane Wade And Fell in Love With His New Line of ActiveWear
Jeff Schear

When you get the opportunity to workout with the Chicago Bulls’ Dwyane Wade to test out the gear from his new partnership with MISSION you don’t say no. Even if you know your body will curse you and the level of soreness will be unlike anything you’ve felt, you soldier on.

Last week I found myself in this exact situation. Before I knew it I was hopping on a plane to Chicago to give Wade’s newVaporActive line a try. During a 45-minute training session with D. Wade and his trainer David Alexander, I learned two very important things:

1. I’m dead wrong for skipping out on the gym for so long and need to get my entire life together ASAP.

2. Even after the most intense workout I’d had in longer than I’d like to admit, MISSION gear lived up to it’s promises. There were no signs of sweat or odor.

The brand uses technology that embeds particles into the clothing fibers which rapidly attract, capture and evaporate moisture. The same particles attract and trap odor-causing molecules, releasing them only when you wash the garment.

In short — you stay super dry and emit no offensive odors while getting your workout on.

Jeff Schear

All smiles while stretching before things got real.

In fact, MISSION gear left me so clean and dry that I was able to comfortably chat with Wade right after the workout about staying fit  the new partnership and why it’s important to him.

As Wade dished on his favorite pieces from the line (the compression pants) and if Gabrielle Union is loving the collection (she definitely is), the NBA star admitted something about working out that those who struggle might take some solace in.

“It never gets easy for me either. There’s never a day where I come in and it’s like a breeze. Whether it’s because of what my trainer decides to do to me that day or whatever, it’s always challenging,” Wade told ESSENCE. 

Although keeping in shape might not be a breeze, Wade revealed that his collaboration with MISSION is based on a genuine connection to the brand.

“When it came to MISSION I just wanted to a part of the growth of this company. When we first started it wasn’t all of this but it was about seeing the vision of all it could be,” Wade told ESSENCE. “I think the cool thing now is that we’re really moving on to the style part of it. I think we’ve done a good job with he performance and the technology side of it which is great and a great story to tell, but for the workout person know it’s about the style and it’s about the comfort. That’s what I’m excited about.”

Wade has a penchant for fashion so there’s no surprise that he’s excited about the brand’s focus on style. But when it comes to the hypothetical question of what he’d wear if he had only one clothing option for the rest of his life, the conclusion was tough to come to but very clear.

“I have an athlete side of me that just wants to wear nothing but really comfortable clothes, then I have the other side of me, the business side of me. But for the rest of my life? I’m rocking like this, I’m comfortable, I’m chill, I’m laid back, I’m not uptight. Yea, we’re rocking MISSION style. “

Ready to check out MISSION for yourself? Head to mission.com  to learn more & check out my top picks from the line in the gallery above!