Dwyane Wade To Trump: Don’t Use My Family For ‘Political Gain’
Richard Harbaugh/ABC via Getty Images

Dwyane Wade isn’t here for Donald Trump using his family for political gain.

Last week, Dwyane Wade lost his cousin Nykea Aldridge to a senseless act of gun violence in Chicago. Soon after the news hit headlines, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump posted this controversial tweet.

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, Wade and GMA host George Stephanopoulos discussed his cousin’s death, the ongoing gun violence in Chicago and Trump’s tweet. 

“I was grateful that it started a conversation but on the other hand, it just left a bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of Chicago is dealing with and it looks like it’s being used as political gain,” said Wade.

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Trump later also tweeted his condolences to Wade’s family.

Wade also admitted to not being a fan of the way the media reported the death of his cousin. “Instead of talking about a mother of four and getting to know her and getting to know how amazing, how great she was as an individual…most of them said ‘this is Dwyane Wade’s cousin.’ That was the whole thing from her murder. That kind of hurt me and put me in a dark place for a few hours.”

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Aldridge, a 32-year-old mother of four, was fatally shot while pushing a stroller in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens neighborhood. Two brothers have since been charged with her death.