Drake’s Trainer On The Importance Of Health And The Rapper’s Fitness Journey
Mohamed Sadek

Drake’s glo up has been one of the best in recent years, and the man you have to thank for that is his trainer, Jonny Roxx.

Teaming up with GapFit for the brand’s new collection, Roxx whipped ESSENCE into shape during a fun fitness class that left us breathless and answered a few questions about fitness and, of course, Drake.

“I’ve known him [Drake] for about ten plus years and I kind of pushed him into the fitness thing about five years ago,” Roxx reveals, “I saw the potential for him to grow his career by having this transformation.”

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Roxx works with the rapper year round and reveals that their focus has been on weight and strength training in an effort to beef up the More Life rapper. He also gets Drake to think about fitness as more than just looking good, something Roxx has kept in mind with the opening of his new gym in Toronto, Push Pounds.

“You have to think about fitness from the inside out, from beginning to end. It’s not just about a six pack. It’s about moving right, moving in patterns, making sure you’re eating right, making sure you’re drinking enough water, making sure your blood levels are right. All those things are encompassed in fitness.”

And, if you’re struggling to stay motivated, Roxx has a motto that we suggest reciting to yourself every morning, “Set the bar, pass it.”