Scammed! We Finally Know Who Was Behind The Rihanna & Drake Website Hoax
Samir Hussein/Redferns
Early this week, the Internet was buzzing with excitement after a mysterious website,, popped up with Drake’s 6 God emblem and a countdown clock. No caption or words appeared anywhere on the single-page website. Surely that didn’t stop fans from anticipating a huge surprise—maybe a joint album from the two? Or better, yet, a wedding! Representatives from both camps denied knowing about the site. So who was behind it all? WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. True to form, Joanne the Scammer revealed herself as the mastermind. 25 Photos That Prove Drake Has Always Loved Rihanna A video now takes the place of the countdown clock and Joanne the Scammer, an Internet namesake played by Branden Miller will likely go down as one of the funniest characters in 2016, shows her piercing green eyes and blonde wig and a cunning smile. “This website is a hoax and now I can move on with my got damn life,” she said. We are honestly and truly not surprised.


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