Drake Continues to Confirm Total Lack of Chill, Trips Over Rihanna’s Train
Kevin Mazur
Rihanna and Drake are the Sam and Diane of the twenty-first century. Since zero percent of youths out there are likely to understand that reference, allow us to couch it in more Millennial-friendly terms. It seems almost impossible for Drake to be any deeper in the friend zone of the woman he’s been in love with since he was 22 (as he announced while presenting her with the Video Vanguard Award Sunday night). And though it seems like he’d marry up tomorrow, it appears that regardless of their official relationship status, Rihanna would really just prefer to Netflix and chill. Backstage at the awards ceremony, the Tom Ford-tuxedoed rapper continued to confirm his deep and utter lack of the aforementioned chill by tripping over the train of the Video Vanguard‘s dress. It appears that after the “Hotline Bling” singer delivered his lengthy tribute to his superstar crush and attempted to give her a kiss on the mouth (much to her chagrin), the pair made their way backstage where Rihanna greeted and thanked her family and friends. But, of course, while the pop star swanned her way through the waiting area, even breaking to briefly twerk in her ballgown, it appears Drake was temporarily blinded by his puppy love, tripping over the back of her dress. Seriously, the only thing missing that could make this moment any more emblematic of their will-they, won’t-they relationship is if Rihanna flipped her hair and said, “Oh na na, what’s my name,” as the rapper toppled to the ground. But all that being said, we totally get it, Drake: Who amongst us wouldn’t get two left feet in the presence of the baddest. This article originally appeared on People.com.


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