Do You Think Porsha Has Properly Apologized To Kandi?
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No Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special would be complete without a boatload of drama to kick things off. On Sunday, during part one of the show’s season 10 reunion special, friends turned enemies Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams were asked to revisit their feud from last season, and it’s safe to say those old wounds are still fresh.

Kandi once again brought up the fact that she hasn’t gotten over the hurt Porsha’s proven lies and accusations from last season caused, or what those lies could have cost her. You’ll recall that Porsha publicly accused Kandi of drugging her and planning to rape her, which was later proven to be a complete lie fueled by their former cast mate, Phaedra Parks.

While the story played out all season-long, Kandi faced a massive backlash from fans, many of who believed Porsha’s accusations to be true. Kandi felt that with her integrity now in question in front millions, Porsha’s actions could have cost her everything. Meanwhile, as host Andy Cohen probed Porsha to discuss the bad blood still brewing between them further, it appears that now, just one year since the truth came out on last season’s reunion show, Porsha feels that Kandi needs to let it all go, and stop playing the victim because she “already apologized.”

The trouble is, Porsha’s defensive tone and actions appear to show that she’s not sorry at all and that she still feels that accusing Kandi of rape wasn’t as big of a deal as both the rest of the cast and America are making it out to be. Huh?!

Porsha, false criminal allegations may seem like the way to a strong plotline on the show, but in reality, they’re hurtful and life-altering, and not easy to move on from. Do you think Porsha should apologize more sincerely and handle this differently? Especially given that Kandi has said she’s still hurt?