Divas Live: The Patti LaBelle Playlist

ESSENCE’s Patti LaBelle Playlist

In conjunction with the June issue of ESSENCE, we’ll be presenting our favorite five divas of all time. Each week, we’ll explore one diva’s life in pictures, her fierce style and her unique beauty and hair looks.

This week, we open up with “Lady Marmalade.” Check out the playlist of Patti’s hits that will surely get you singing her beautiful tunes and kicking off your heels.

“Lady Marmalade”

“Lady Marmalade”Patti LaBelle - Best of Patti Labelle

“Are You Lonely”

“Are You Lonely”Patti & Labelle - Lady Marmalade: The Best of Patti & Labelle

“You Turn Me On”

“You Turn Me On”LaBelle - The Essential Patti Labelle

“New Attitude”

“New Attitude”Patti LaBelle - Patti LaBelle: Greatest Hits

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“If You Asked Me To”

“If You Asked Me To”Patti LaBelle - Patti LaBelle: Greatest Hits

“Somebody Loves You Baby”

“Somebody Loves You Baby”Patti LaBelle - Patti LaBelle: Greatest Hits

“On My Own”

“On My Own”Patti LaBelle - Beautiful Ballads: Patti LaBelle

“If You Only Knew”

“If You Only Knew”Patti Labelle - I'm In Love Again

“The Right Kinda Lover”

“The Right Kinda Lover”Patti LaBelle - Gems

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”Patti LaBelle