<p>Kerry Washington Opens Up About The Joys Of Being Inspired By Her Boss</p>

The actress steps into a different type of role in Pixar’s Cars 3 and talks about working with Shonda Rhimes.


She’s one of our favorite leading ladies on Thursday night television, but this summer Kerry Washington steps out of her stylish stilettos and envy-inducing wardrobe to bring us the voice of Natalie Certain, the numbers crunching roadster in Pixar’s Cars 3, in theatres now.

It’s a welcomed change for the woman we’re used to seeing save the country one public relations mess at a time. Without the pressure of memorizing lines, getting dressed up, and sitting in the hair and makeup chair for hours on end, the award-winning actress was able to relax and have fun in her animated role.

Besides that, Washington, who is mom to 4 year-old Isabelle and 8 month-old Caleb is happy to now have a legitimate excuse to binge on the family-friendly franchise she enjoyed long before motherhood.

Even so, if you think the role of a sassy, smarty-pants sports car has turned this eco-conscious city girl into a motor junkie, think again. When asked about her dream ride she quipped, “I can tell you the dream boots I want for fashion. And my favorite coat that Olivia Pope is wearing, but I think for me, I just really love driving something that’s good for the planet and good for my pocket.

This feature originally appeared in the July 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.