Diddy Weighs In On ‘King Of R&B’ Debate: ‘A Couple Of Hits Ain’t Gon’ Do It’
Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Once Black Twitter was through schooling Jacquees, it was time for the OGs to take a turn. In a recent video on Twitter, Diddy weighed in on the “King of R&B” debate, and told the young singer he had no business giving himself the crown — even for this generation.
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“Y’all know I usually mind my business, but R&B is the foundation of my life,” says Diddy in the video. The Bad Boy founder was raised on R&B and infused the genre into the hits that would create a hip-hop dynasty. “I understand that we’re all kings, I understand the concept of that. But if we’re talking about the competitive arena of music, cats give away the king thing too early. A couple of hits ain’t gon do it,” declared Diddy. The music mogul also noted that some artists would be disqualified from the conversation because we’re “talking about rhythm and blues, we[‘re] talking about sharing your soul, we[‘re] talking about making love through your music, [and] making a whole generation of babies adoring a woman.” “Not putting her down, not talking about how you just wanna smash her — adoring her,” Diddy clarified. “So in order to be the king of R&B, first of all you have to be making R&B. You have to be vulnerable, you have to be affecting women in a positive way.” Preach on, Diddy. Preach on. 


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