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You have a blended family. Leah, you were married before and you have two children. You're raising six kids together, but there are actually five parents involved? Break it down for us. Correct. So I was married previously and we had two children together, and Teri And I had two children by two different women in previous relationships. And then we married And we had two [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] All right, now Terry, how do you make that work? [BLANK_AUDIO] It's really about the kids, it can be difficult at times with all the different personalities and different ideas or pictures we have painted in our head for the kids and [UNKNOWN] but as long as do it from a place of love and we put the kids at the forefront, that's how we make it. Work pretty much. Definitely, Leo you also said you had some special challenges dealing with the two mothers of your oldest children in the beginning. Tell us about that and how did you overcome that. I think for women it's a lot different than men, so Terry and my ex husband, they hit it off. It was one conversation and it was all love going forward. Us women, we deal differently, we have different personalities. We are very protective of our children. So it's a little bit harder in the beginning. And we have multiple mothers, so it's just three mothers, and we're all trying to just get along and figure things out. So like I had to learn to deal with both of them and Have individual relationships with them, it's that just like there's one way to make this work. So, that was a challenge in the beginning but we're at a great place now, like we've worked it all out and we all co-parent together. That's awesome. Terry what was your relationship like with Leah's ex-husband? Why do you think it was so Smooth if you will, for the gentleman to form a relationship versus the ladies. For men, for us in particular, I think it was about respect. You know I came into with a mindset like I'm going to respect him and these are his children first, I'm just kind of filling in in his absence so I approached it as such. And I come from a blended family so it was easier for me. So you know, relay that to them that I cared about his kids first and I guess we had personalities that made it easy for us to get along. No drama. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Here's Diddy's Secret To Successfully Co-Parenting

The music mogul continues to prove that co-parenting should be easy.

Part of being a great father is being a great co-parent, if your situation warrants that, and Diddy has the secret to success when it comes to raising his children.

The music mogul — who has six children by three different women — shows a great example of being a supportive dad of all of his children and also has great relationships with each of their mothers.

On Sunday, Diddy posted a video on Instagram with Sarah Chapman, mother of his 10-year-old daughter Chance. In the video, he said, “I want to talk to y’all about the importance of long-term relationships. When you’re co-parenting, y’all gots to be friends.”

Diddy continued, “To all the baby mamas and baby daddies, there just gotta be a time when the bullsh-t stops and y’all can just laugh and y’all can chill. I’m blessed to have three of the greatest baby mothers on the planet. This is one of them right here.”

The pair, who were together to watch their daughter model for the Lady Like Foundation fashion show on Sunday, say in the video that they’ve known each other for 25 years.

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My baby CHANCE #teamLOVE

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On Mother’s Day last month, Diddy showed equal love to the mothers of his children. He wrote an individual Instagram post to Misa Hylton-Brim (mother of his son Justin), Kim Porter (mother of his adopted son Quincy, son Christian and twins D’Lila and Jessie) and Chapman.

We love the example that Diddy sets, and how he proves that co-parenting can be easy as long as there’s love and respect. No drama necessary.