WATCH: Diddy’s Christmas Gift For His Daughter Chance Moved Her To Happy Tears
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Diddy celebrates his special bond with his kids all year long, so it’s no surprise that he took things to the next level on Christmas.

Per usual, the Combs crew got together for a little holiday family fun, complete with a gift-giving session led by none other than Diddy himself. When it came time for Diddy’s daughter Chance to receive her surprise gift, she was overwhelmed with emotion as he presented her with an adorable puppy.

The proud dad shared a video clip of heartwarming moment on his Instagram page, complete with the perfect caption. “If this ain’t Christmas I don’t know what is,” he wrote. 

Two of Diddy’s sons, Justin and Christian, also had some fun of their own while showing off a few dance moves.

The music and business mogul has 6 kids in total, which include his sons Quincy, Justin and Christian, as well as daughters D’Lila Star, Jessie James and Chance.