During the 69th Annual Emmy Awards many viewers noticed that two Black artists were missing from the In Memoriam tribute: Charlie Murphy and Dick Gregory. Thought to be a snub, the deaths were monumental in the African-American community because of their impact on comedy.

Gregory’s son, Christian spoke to TMZ about the snub, noting that their family was never contacted.

As reported by TMZ, one of Dick’s sons, Christian Gregory, tells TMZ the omission Sunday night from the In Memoriam segment was especially disrespectful due to his father’s legacy. Christian points out most actors and producers of color wouldn’t even be working in TV without Dick’s civil rights activism and success in entertainment.

Gregory died in August after a career that spanned over five decades in comedy and activism. He’s been credited for paving the way for comedians like Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Mooney. In his funeral was attended by thousands at City of Praise Family Ministries church outside Washington, D.C. on Sunday.