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[MUSIC] The New Edition story just came out. Mm-hm. And it's great, lots of buzz around it, do you think that you would ever want to do, or help guide, or produce, a Destiny's Child story in similar format? I don't know, that's something, it's not just my And it's other characters that are connected to it. So I respect everyone that's involved in your story. So it depends on how it's told. But Yeah we got a, we had a great story. We have a great story. We have a great story, but I- And I'm a Louisiana girl, so I feel super close to that story. [LAUGH] I feel so close to that story. Yeah, it's an incredible story, but it depends on all the characters that are connected to it. So, but yeah right now it's just not something that I don't, I haven't been thinking about. [MUSIC]

Destiny’s Child Reunite For Kelly Rowland’s Book Launch  

Beyonce and Michelle Williams came out to support their former bandmate and BFF on her first book


Beyonce showed support to her BFF Kelly Rowland as the new author launched her book, Whoa, Baby!, on Friday at The Grove.

The mama-to-be, who also reunited with Michelle Williams, was dressed to impress for the big event in an asymmetrical beige number with matching knee-high boots that showed off her gorgeous pregnancy curves. She topped it off with some fresh braids!

Beyonce shared photos of the look, the ladies, and Rowland’s new self-help book in an Instagram gallery.

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Rowland’s book shares tips for first-time mothers who might be overwhelmed with the prospect of a new baby. The project, released late last month, was penned by Rowland and OBGYN Tristan Emily Bickman. 

Even though Bey will be a second-time mother, we are sure the two ladies shared the best tips with each other!