Denzel Washington Wants To Be The Next James Bond
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Denzel Washington totally has our vote to be the next Bond. James Bond, that is.

The Oscar winner revealed his desire to play the role while participating in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” chats to promote his latest film, The Equalizer, on Friday.

“The next James Bond? Yes, I would,” the 59-year-old said when asked whether he’d ever consider the role.

Washington then took the idea a step forward by calling for a social media campaign to help get him the role. He told everyone participating in the chat to tweet the studio and encourage them to make Washington the next Bond.

“We start the Denzel is Bond campaign today! James Washington. Denzel Bond,” he said.

We can’t say for sure whether Washington was joking, but his fans took to Twitter almost immediately to fulfill his wishes. The hashtag #DenzelIsJamesBond is still making its way around three days later as people continue to press the studio to give him the role.

The role of the British Secret Service agent isn’t a big leap for Washington, who has played his fair share of agents including movies like Man of Honor, and his newest role as a deadly CIA operative in the new action thriller The Equalizer.

Do you think Denzel Washington should be the next James Bond?