Denzel Washington Is A Big Fan Of Cardi B
Getty Images

Denzel Washington is a self-declared Cardi B fan!
The award-winning actor admitted to loving the “I Like It” rapper in an interview with Jamie Foxx on his show Grey Goose Off Script.
“I like Cardi B,” Washington says. “I love her.”
His declaration of love for the Bronx-born rapper started when he and Foxx were talking about the classic film The Wizard of OZ. Suddenly Washington breaks into song, belting out the lyrics to “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”
Foxx then chimed in and remixed the lyrics to include Cardi B’s name. Washington was ready though, and surprised Foxx when he added the words  “Bodak Yellow.”

“You think I don’t know,” Washington said before rapping some of the lyrics from “Bodak Yellow” while impersonating Cardi’s voice. “I give him whatever he want / He buy me Yves Saint Laurent and a new whip.”

Catch the hilarious moment at the 4:32 mark