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A Day in the Life of a Digital Diva: Mercedes Jones

Art critic, media manager and blogger, Mercedes Jones shares the digital essentials needed to navigate her bustling life in the "City of Brotherly Love an Sisterly Affection." 

Name: Merecedes Jones

Occupation: Culture/Art critic and Media Manager

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Owner: Haute Girl Fresh

Hailing from the “City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection,” Mercedes Jones is one of the foremost authorities on all things Philadelphia. A fixture on the arts and cultural scene, the 30-something native regularly covers events of brands like Red Bull, Heineken and community organizations using technology to bridge the gap between the neighborhoods and community residents. Let’s take a look inside the diva’s life and see how she navigates an ordinary day of moving and shaking through Philly.

On how big of a role technology and social media plays in her professional career: 

At least 95% of what I do involves technology! From determining a daily social media plan to scheduling posts on my site Haute Girl Fresh to editing images before uploading. I cover a lot of music and art events so sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, keep me connected with my followers and all of the fellow bloggers in Philadelphia and beyond!

Importance of Black women embracing technology:

Black women embracing technology is like second nature; think of it as science and math. With so many Black women who wear the hat as media bosses, I feel happy we are able to claim our stake in this oversaturated marketplace. With devices like the iPhone, navigating between sites and programs have become more approachable, manageable and comforting. Being able to manipulate Blogger and WordPress with ease alleviates the stress and allows for a satisfying experience.

On tools used to navigate her daily grind:

Pretty much the basics: iPhone, iPod, laptop and my trusty Nikon.

On a typical day:

5:30 am: iPhone alarm goes off and I am on my way! I immediately check my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I typically save Facebook for my desktop since the font is much bigger.

7:30 am: Must make coffee! After pouring myself a steaming cup of life, I begin watching the news and checking my many email accounts. I typically watch the Today Show and tweet along with their commentary.

9:00 am: Prepare breakfast, which these days, are Apple Pie Eggrolls from AllRecipes.com. A great app that not only supplies recipes but inspiration as I take this culinary journey of preparing all my foods. 

10:00 am: It’s music time and I cue up Pandora, which will help me get through my day. Music is the soundtrack to my crazy, fast paced life and I listen to everything from Erykah Badu to Fela to Major Lazer and everything in-between. I sit down and open my desktop and begin working on blog posts that need editing or uploading.

12:00 pm: I finally leave the house! I switch from the desktop to iPhone and open my Pandora app; I am walking my dog and need traveling music. Afterwards I am waiting at the bus stop headed downtown. I look at Google Maps and find my location within a few minutes. On the bus and checking my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have a two-hour window before lunch so I need to be focused and complete all tasks. My work is never done.

2:00 pm: It’s time for lunch so I log onto AllRecipes.com and see that I can make today. I eat at home to save money and I adore the uniqueness as well as the community of the site. While cooking I check what is happening in the world of fashion, beauty and hair. One of my favorite sites is KellieGonzo.com who is a guru of all things nails as well as Celebrity Seaborn’s Youtube page for my daily hair fix. Also one can never forget about fashion! I live for street style and all of my chic Instagram fashionistas inspire and dictate how I will look on a daily basis.

3:30 pm: Check my calendar app and see I have a few events to attend including the KAWS exhibits at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I input this into my Note app along with a checklist to remind me to search the Shop Rite app for sales and new arrivals, especially fresh produce. A quick look on Facebook and I see that I have new messages about other happenings around town. Tonight will be a night to remember!

5:00 pm: Ask my homegirl Siri (iPhone’s assistant) and she keeps me company as I eat dinner and draft blog posts. a quick look on Instagram to see what tonight’s outfit will look like. I am feeling very hobo chic so let’s see what I can find.

7:00 pm: I am dressed and ready to work the nightlife! Check my face in the Mirror app and she is done. Check in Google maps and pinpoint my location. 

11:00 pm: Event is done and I am back home and uploading pictures. I log into Photoscape to help edit and then it is off to bed. Set my alarm for 5:30 am and get prepared to do it all over again!

On which apps she uses throughout her day:

1. Google Maps

2. Twitter

3. Facebook

4. Instagram

5. Siri

On which apps she uses for inspiration:

1. Pandora

2. Instagram

3. Pic Stitch

4. AllRecipes

On apps she would create to help to make her persona and professional life much easier:

1. An efficient bus app for Philadelphia’s transit system

2. Side Eye Alert app

3. Help community organizers with policing and connecting people with cultural institutions, similar to Everyblock.com.