Danielle Brooks Doesn’t Give A Second Thought To Racist Trolls
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It’s hard to believe that Danielle Brooks has any haters, but the Orange Is The New Black star does. Fortunately, they are few and far between.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, the actress dished on her new campaign with Lane Bryant, #ImNoAngel, and revealed how she handles trolls and body shamers. 

“Luckily my fans are so lovely and I haven’t really had to — what’s the phrase? — Clap back at the trolls?'” the star joked. “Every now and then I do get a troll that mentions my skin color and calls me ugly names, though, like ‘Dark Monkey.’ Most of the time those people have their pages blocked, or you can’t even see their profile picture. I can’t focus on that. What I’ve realized is that I have the power to control how I feel about what they say.”

Brooks is currently set to appear in the upcoming film Sadie and is designing a fashion line for curvy women. 

At an event last year, Brooks detailed her journey to overcoming her insecurities, sharing a little advice for young women. “I hope that my platform really does show young girls that they can do it being their selves, whether you do have very Christian values or not, whether you are plus-size or not, dark skin, whatever that is, I just want people to know that you can be yourself and make it into this business.”


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